Bungee April Agenda

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April 13-14 Weekend  

Free and Open to the public, TICKET

Bungee Space at Other Islands Book Fair

Another year, Bungee Space goes to the East... crossing the bridge... to (UH) /'N/ OTHER ISLANDS... BOOK FAIR, find us at table 43!

Pratt Insitute Student Union, 200 Willoughby Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11205











April 17 Wed 7 PM


FLEE Project presents

U.S. launch of the transdisciplinary object: Ulyap: Beyond Circassian Tradition

at Bungee Space

Poster designed by Sixuan Tong

        Join us for a special event at Bungee Space on Wednesday, April 17th, at 7pm, for the U.S launch of FLEE Project's latest collective work, the transdisciplinary object: "Ulyap: Beyond Circassian Tradition." Led by co-founders Alan Marzo and Olivier Duport, this evening will feature a captivating presentation and listening session, followed by Q&A.

        In 2021, FLEE Project embarked on a remarkable journey after meeting Nalchik-based music journalist Bulat Khalilov. Inspired by his tales of a unique musical genre from the North Caucasus, the collective set out to explore the roots of this vibrant tradition. Their expedition took them across the Caucasus to interview local musicians, researchers, and characters, culminating in their discovery of Ulyap, a village steeped in the rich heritage of this festive music. Three years later, FLEE Project presents their findings in a transdisciplinary object, including essays, artworks, and unpublished photographs, capturing the essence of life in this captivating (post)Soviet underworld.










April 19 Fri 10:30 AM

TICKET ($15)

Onomatopee Morning Workshop

at Bungee Space










April 21 Sun 6 PM  

Free and open to the public

Edition Patrick Frey’s Book Talk

at Bungee Space


Poster designed by Shuyu Peng

        Let's Talk Books with Edition Patrick Frey!

        Gloria Wismer and Stephanie Rebonati—who both have been with the independent Swiss publisher for more than a decade—are bringing mini book performances to Bungee Space. Together with their local collaborators they will speak on urban happenstance, textile design for covers, graphic novels turning into artists' books and what trust has to do with making photo books.
















April 23 Tue 6:30 PM 

Free and Open to the public, *RSVP suggested

Spector Books presents

D for Daughter Book Launch, Conversation by Elina Birkehag, Laslo Strong, Anne König

at Bungee Space, co-hosted with Scandinavia House


        Join us on April 23, 2024, Tuesday at 6:30 PM for the book release of D for Daughter by Swedish Artist Elina Birkehag, published by Spector Books. This book engages in a dialogue with a rarely studied writing system, connecting it to contemporary themes such as knowledge sharing, gossip, ecology, labor, and art. In conjunction with NYABF 2024, we are delighted to host this event, offering attendees the opportunity to view and read the book at Bungee Space, following with a conversation by the artist Elina Birkehag, the book designer Laslo Strong, and the publisher Anne König from Spector Books.







April 24 Wed 6:30 PM 

Free and Open to the public

1 Publisher, 6+ Authors: Set Margins’ presents! 

at Bungee Space











April 25-28 Thu to Sun


Bungee and Friends at PRINTED MATTER’S NY ART BOOK FAIR 2024

548 W. 22nd St, New York, NY 10011








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