Looking For A New Member to Join Bungee Team


        Detail-oriented, well-organized, self-disciplined 
        Emotionally stable and capable to manage the multi-tasked work under stress 
        Coffee drinker, or researcher

If you are also 
        Majoring in Design & Art +
        Speaking Mandarin or other languages ++
        A Happy Person +++

Please email the files below to PDFs only. 
    1.    Introduce Bungee Space (with your own words, less than 200 words)
    2.    Statement of interest (there are many bookstores in NYC, why you want to work at Bungee Space)
    3.    Resume with your photo


2022-2023 Bungee Space Winter Intern (1 person, 2-3 months) Application Open (application due by midnight of Oct.10, 2022, EST) 

// Share with us of your Resume & Portfolio or A Letter includes "An Introduction of Bungee Space / 3standardstoppage studio" (from your point of view), and "Why do you want to intern at Bungee Space".


Please understand that due to an overwhelming amount of emails, we cannot reply to everyone : }