FLEE presents - U.S. launch of the transdisciplinary object: Ulyap: Beyond Circassian Tradition | April 17, 2024 7-9 PM

Poster Designed by Sixuan Tong

Join us for a special event at Bungee Space on Wednesday, April 17th, at 7 PM, for the U.S launch of FLEE Project's latest collective work, the transdisciplinary object: Ulyap: Beyond Circassian Tradition. Led by co-founders Alan Marzo and Olivier Duport, this evening will feature a captivating presentation and listening session, followed by Q&A.

Due to space capacity at Bungee Space, this is a TICKETED event ($10). Each ticket includes a beverage, but if you prefer not to drink, you'll get a $5 discount on any publications by FLEE Project at Bungee Space during the event.

In 2021, FLEE Project embarked on a remarkable journey after meeting Nalchik-based music journalist Bulat Khalilov. Inspired by his tales of a unique musical genre from the North Caucasus, the collective set out to explore the roots of this vibrant tradition. Their expedition took them across the Caucasus to interview local musicians, researchers, and characters, culminating in their discovery of Ulyap, a village steeped in the rich heritage of this festive music.

Three years later, FLEE Project presents their findings in a transdisciplinary object, including essays, artworks, and unpublished photographs, capturing the essence of life in this captivating (post)Soviet underworld. 



The book encompasses the contributions of: Lina Tsrimova, Bulat Khalilov, Madina Pashtova, Milana Khalilova, Nikita Rasskazo, Almagul Menlibayeva, Akhmat Bikanov, Olivier Duport, Alan Marzo

Musically, the double LP conists of rare and unpublished archives as well as recordings made by FLEE, Ored recordings and Nikita Rasskazov over the last years in various locations of the Caucasus. These original celebration and drinking songs performed by group of professional and amateur musicians alike have been used as a creative fabric by sonic sound artists and musicians: Zongamin, Misha Sultan, Emmanuelle Parrenin & Colin Johnco, Simone Aubert, Valentina Goncharova, Minami Deutsch, G.A.M.S. & Vatannar, Jrpjej & Ben Wheeler





Founded by Olivier Duport, Alan Marzo and Carl Åhnebrink,
FLEE is an independent publishing house, record label and
curatorial platform dedicated to the artistic documentation
and reinterpretation of hybrid cultural phenomena. Through
a transdisciplinary artistic practice, the platform explores
and creatively highlights the contours of globalization from
a historical and critical perspective. Oscillating between
different subjects and disciplines, ranging from music to
architecture, the collective proactively defends an inclusive
working method, presenting diverse, varied and sometimes
conflicting, points of view.