1 Publisher, 6 Authors: Set Margins’ presents!|April 24, 2024 6:30 PM

Set Margins’ publications: 1 publisher, 6+ authors present!

April 24th, Wed , 6:30-8:30 PM
Bungee Space, 13 Stanton St, New York, NY 10002
free and open to the public

This modest evening is a big yes! to progressive and thoughtful culture!

Celebrating 1.5 years of Set Margins’ publications, Dutch publisher Freek Lomme and authors Silvio Lorusso, Kevin Yuen Kit Lo, Simona Bortis-Schulz, Daniel Tucker, Ian Callender and others–many based in the NY region–will each briefly introduce their work and celebrate new titles!

Join the event with 1 publisher and 6+ authors including

What Design Can’t Do
Silvio Lorusso

Design Against Design
Kevin Yuen Kit Lo

To Hold Your Heart in Your Teeth
Simona Bortis-Schultz

Provocations on Media Architecture
Ian Callender

We Are All ….. Now
Daniel Tucker

A Visible Distance
Matt Owens

the upside-down museum
editors Freek Lomme and Andrea Steves (under reserve)

Diagrams of Power
Patricio Davila (under reserve)

Founded in 2022, Set Margins’ publications is a support structure, a platform for production, a network and publisher, offering discourse and dialogue through art and design. Built on Freek Lomme’s two-decade experience as founder and director of Onomatopee, Set Margins’ creatively applies the cultural politics of content, form, and style whilst critically disseminating a marginal cultural agenda, Set Margins’ mobilizes community, articulates qualities to widen support, and steps up for liberties.

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