Kova O2(1)020 Tote Bag
Kova O2(1)020 Tote Bag
Kova O2(1)020 Tote Bag
Kova O2(1)020 Tote Bag
Kova O2(1)020 Tote Bag
Kova O2(1)020 Tote Bag

Kova O2(1)020 Tote Bag


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Can be converted into two separate pieces with sleek zippers on the bag and the strap.

Dimensions: 24½*20 inches
Strap Length: 44 inches

Features 3 cards illustrated by DALI. 

**For actual color ways, composition, and details, please refer to the product photos.** 


The "Mobile Cabinet" is a character that goes beyond Kova's tote bags.

Initially, Kova embarked on a reflective and observational journey centred around a fading and vanished romantic relationship. However, this artistic odyssey transcended the confines of personal connections, extending its embrace to the plurality of our everyday encounters by collaborating with creatives from diverse disciplines. In doing so, Kova invites the audience to traverse a kaleidoscope of emotions and sensations through a tapestry of perspectives and lenses.

Homespun Deadstock
Traditional Chinese homespun textiles, with their unique patterns and styles, vary across different regions of China. Each piece possesses its nuances, making them truly one-of-a-kind. These textiles were sourced from villages at affordable prices due to their underappreciation.

1 of One
Each tote bag is distinct, accompanied by a unique serial number. These bags are crafted using recycled scraps and homespun textiles, ensuring that even materials with minimal length find purpose through collage.

Recycling and Upcycling
Besides homespun textiles, various parts of the tote bags incorporate recycled fabrics. Collaborations with designer labels facilitate the repurposing of cutoffs and scraps.

Multi-functional and Transformative
The tote bag's capacity extends to various wearing styles, such as cross-body and backpack, thanks to two pairs of straps. Moreover, the bag can be folded into a half-scale size or adopt a more structured silhouette using only diagonal straps, showcasing its versatility and adaptability.

Collaborative Projection
Inspired by the concept of a cabinet, Kova serves as a tool for projecting artistic perspectives and is dedicated to nurturing cross-disciplinary practices while actively involving audiences in interactive experiences. Kova has embarked on collaborative ventures with diverse artists to craft fresh narratives through mediums such as publishing and physical exhibitions.