Circus with Lady Patient

Circus with Lady Patient

Yiran Guo

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Illustration by Yiran Guo, Printed at SVA Riso Lab.

Infinite Edition
Dimensions: 12”x18”

About Artist:
Yiran (Eva) Guo is a freelance artist and art teacher living in New York City. Her work has been featured at Boooooooom, Osso Magazine and  Ballpitmag. Her animation has traveled around the world for film festivals, and has been awarded by the Society of Illustrators Annual and American Illustration.
She has taught experimental animation at Johns Hopkins University Film and media program, and taught children how to explore art through unusual materials at the Children’s Musuem of Art in New York City. 
In her art practice, Yiran works across formats as diverse as Gifs, Riso printing, ceramics, and collages.
In her free time, Yiran loves to make things by hand, such as bread and bowls. She splits her time between New York and China, seeking freelance work and enjoying where life takes her.