Bean Sunny Hat
Bean Sunny Hat

Bean Sunny Hat

Penultimate Studio

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Lining: 50% Linen 50% Hemp
Lace: 100% Polyester

Handmade pea cord 100% Silk 

Penultimate Spring / Summer 2023 "BATTLE OF OUR LAND"

The relations between the current situation, natural disasters, and collaborative survival within multispecies landscapes make the designer Xiang Gao rethink the origin of the human species, finding the prerequisite for continuing life on earth. "BATTLE OF OUR LAND" is a gallery-way curated collection representing human origin in Chinese mythology, featuring Fuxi, Nuwa, the divine beasts depicted in the Shanhaijing, vintage botanical research, spiritual animals like peacocks and turtles, and portrait stone. Stone, as a signature element of jewelry in this collection, is an ordinary object almost worthless in daily life. Yet, in mythology, Nuwa used stone to mend the cracks in the sky. The lookbook was photographed by Yishu Wang at Shanghai Natural History Museum.