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Act / OUT presents ten artists renegotiating our public sphere by engaging relationships between people, structures and modes of organization. The exhibition aims thus to broaden our perception about the functions of spatial and social surroundings.

Act / OUT thematizes a variety of individual artistic acts in public space, that evoke a persistent belief in the individual story. As gestures of subjective opposition they insert disconcerting moments into our daily, economically optimised procedures. Sediments on film, photo, in installation or drawing, show how the actions attract and repel, how they take shape in an interplay between beauty and subversion.

With Ann MessnerKarl PhilipsAnna WittAlbert HetaPilvi TakalaJan RothuizenFilippo MinelliAhmet OgutErosie, Sebastian Stumpf.

Using a cultural vanguard to carry a streetwise cultural emancipation. Act / OUT brings together artistic interventions in public space which position the creative deed in the middle of society. Triggered by an intrinsic urge, the individually executed act looks very much like a gesture that evokes persistently a belief to place the ’small story’ in wider realms. By addressing relationships between people, patterns and modes of organization, Act / OUT displays artistic performances that readjust our collective environment. This sphere of intervention releases mindsets that enable you and me to relate with public sphere otherwise.

Type: magazine
Pages: 22
ISBN: 978-90-78454-00-7
Editor: Lene ter Haar i.c.w. Robert Kaltenhauser
Author: Ann Messner, Lene ter Haar, Freek Lomme
Graphic: Eric de Haas