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164 on the Equater
164 on the Equater
164 on the Equater
164 on the Equater
164 on the Equater

164 on the Equater

Charles Negre & Thomas Rousset

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Presented body of work is an exploration of authorial intervention and implied narrative. It was created in Indonesia, over the course of two months of 2014. Charles and Thomas collected a series of photographs, constructing a surrealistic world of their own.

The series contains documentary-style images, juxtaposed with photogs having an intentionality of studio-based reality, composed from the documentary and fiction.

Photography by Charles Negre & Thomas Rousset 
Edited and designed by Études Studio 
Published by Études Books, Paris 
Image post production by Janvier

First edition, 500 copies 
November 2015, printed in EU

©2015, Études Books for this edition 
©2015, Charles Negre & Thomas Rousset for the images

Specificities : 
80 pages full color offset 
24 x33 cm / 9,5’’x13’’ 
Soft cover + PVC dust cover 
Text Insert - Language: English / French 
Publication date: November 2015