Will Epstein: WHIMPS Zine / Album Release + Mini Live, Nov. 2, 7PM

Bungee Space is happy to host Will Epstein's Zine / Album Release on November 2, Wednesday. This is a free event featuring a mini live that starts at 7pm - don't miss out! 

Whims is a collection of songs that were each written and recorded in a single day over the course of two weeks in 2020. The music was crafted in a deep trance-like state as the pieces were transformed from morning noodles into fully fledged sonic beings by the end of the day. Given the limitations of the exercise, there was no room for overthinking, only the opportunity to pour out whatever noises and sentiments were around that day and weld them together into something that felt complete. 

Cover photo by Alex Ashe, Design by W.L. Carrá

20-page risograph zine featuring photographs and collages by Will Epstein.

Edition of 100 
Printed by @coldcubepress

Will Epstein is a composer/songwriter/improvisor from New York. He makes music for film, dance and installation in addition to releasing records under his own name and High Water.