"The Lord's Quarter" by Dylan Jones | Bungee Project #7


Bungee Project #7

The Lord's Quarter
Dylan Jones

Opening: 10/31 Sun, 6pm
10/28 Thu to 11/21 Sun

Dylan Jones was born in 1988 in Keene, New Hampshire. 
As one of 3standardstoppage's dearest friends, he drew the logos for our New York Space (Bungee Space) and Beijing Space (Postpost).

Bungee Space logo, by Dylan Jones

postpost logo, by Dylan Jones 

We are very happy to present this collection of drawings by Dylan Jones at Bungee Space as the last project of Bungee Project 2021, which will last from 10/28 (Thu) to 11/21 (Sun).

All drawings are done by free association from 2016 to 2021.

Store Hours
Tue to Sun 10am–8pm
Mon Closed

(Proof of vaccination and a photo ID will be requested at door)

Bungee Project is initiated and organized by Shisi Huang, the 1/3 of 3standardstoppage studio, who takes care of Bungee Space, NYC. As a subsidiary of 3standardstoppage, it is an annual experimental program that creates a self-sustaining ecology system by taking the role to further think, exploring and archiving the path of building variable intellectual constructs from the standard ruler.

Participants List & Programs of Bungee Project 2021 will be updated in a timely manner. Stay tuned!

Director: Shisi Huang
Visual Designer: Sixuan Tong
Assistant: Shuyu Peng

Bungee Project 2021 is supported by the #City-ArtistCorps Grants program