SOUND PERFORMANCE by Chi Wang and Yitian Yan


Chi Wang
Yitian Yan
July. 3rd, 2022, Sunday, 8PM -
$12, RSVP
Chi Wang (a.k.a Casper) is a driver and a sound artist/guitarist based in NYC.
"In recent works I examine stationary sounds in relation of magnetism to the instrument, thus exploring their potential as sounds repel and attract. Seeking into how they can appeal to our involuntary moves, and resulting in chord-based compositions in sound atmospheres."

Yitian Yan received an MFA degree from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2018. 
Her installation and performance practice explores fluidity and gravity in daily currents, lightly constructing tensions and connections in spaces between individuals and architecture. 



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Poster Design: Anaïs Pyrczak, Sixuan Tong