Other as a Journal: Reimagine a magazine as the inhabitant space for others | June 18, 2024, 7-8:30 PM

Poster design: Sixuan Tong


Join us at Bungee Space on Tuesday, June 18, 2024, at 7:00 PM for the magazine *Other as a Journal presentation by the Guest Editor of the magazine, philosopher Viktoras Bachmetjevas published by the Lithuanian Culture Institute. *Other as a Journal, with the help of designer Jurgis Griškevičius, it sets out to reimagine a magazine as the inhabitant space for others. Essays by thinkers, artists, and practitioners of ideas from Hong Kong to West Virginia and from Vilnius to Paris discuss historical apparitions of otherness in gender and race and contemporary phenomena of otherness in migrants and non-human forms of life like fungi.

We are delighted to host this event, offering attendees the opportunity to view the publication at Bungee Space, following with a talk by Dr. Viktoras Bachmetjevas, and the Lithuanian Cultural Attaché in the USA Gražina Michnevičiūtė.


*A few copies of the magazine will be available for free after the event



Guest Editor: Viktoras Bachmetjevas is a philosopher with an interest in ethics, with a focus on the post-Kantian tradition of moral philosophy.
Dr. Bachmetjevas received his M.Phil. in Philosophy from KU Leuven in Belgium before completing his Ph.D. on irony and ethics in Søren Kierkegaard’s thought in his native Lithuania. In 2018, he became the founding director of the Emmanuel Levinas Center in Kaunas, Lithuania, devoted to the thought and legacy of the French philosopher. Currently he is an associate professor at Vytautas Magnus University in Kaunas, Lithuania, and a faculty member at Paris Institute for Critical Thinking. Outside academia, he has had a career in public communications and served as an advisor to the Lithuanian Minister of Culture and has contributed to various media outlets in Lithuania.
He is currently associate visiting professor at Yale University.
Moderator: Gražina Michnevičiūtė. Since 2018, as Lithuania’s Cultural Attaché, Ms. Michnevičiūtė fosters cultural diplomacy and advances Lithuania’s presence on the cultural and educational scene across the US. Ms. Michnevičiūtė is responsible for the activities sponsored by the Lithuanian Cultural Institute in the US, including art exhibitions, musical concerts, film festivals, and beyond. Among her most recent flagship projects are an annual New York Baltic Film Festival and a 2022 programming of Jonas Mekas’ centennial in the US. As an accomplished foreign affairs, lifestyle, and culture journalist, Ms. Michnevičiūtė spent almost three decades of her professional career at Lithuania’s leading media and publishing houses, including as an Editor-in-Chief of the Moteris and Ieva, and Deputy Editor-in-Chief of Žmonės magazines. Ms. Michnevičiūtė holds a graduate degree in Russian Language and Literature from Vilnius University and Master’s degree in Journalism from the University of Wales. 

* as a Journal offers a fresh outlook on contemporary cultural movements and recognises the insightful contributions that artists, creators and researchers from Lithuania and beyond bring to topics of global concern.

Published twice a year, the title of * as a Journal, changes along with the theme of each issue and invites readers to immerse themselves in a single topic from a range of unexpected cultural perspectives. The content of each issue of the magazine is developed by guest editors with a special interest in the chosen topic and created by an international team of contributors.


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