Home, Cloud, Mirror: Airdropped!, a solo exhibition by random clichés

has been collecting interior decor clichés in China for a long time, transforming what we observed, familiar and unfamiliar images into real objects, and then putting them back into life scenes. 

   This time they decided to place the screen a little further away. Pack and compress 43 kilograms of life scenes, just like throwing images onto your devices, airdrop to New York.

a solo exhibition by 


July 28 to August 13, 2023 

Opening: 7/28, Friday 7PM

  is a design studio based in Shanghai, China. Instead of finding an answer, they hope to discover questions through raising questions.

   In 2018, random clichés started the home-related line HOME AS METAPHOR, observing the space from a different perspective. To blur the boundaries between object and object, inside and outside, style and style, product and user.



You are invited to be the First to experience, touch, and own these objects/life scenes/interior decor clichés, starting at 7 PM on July 28, Friday.