HAIR CHAT (头话): Performance by Amiko Li


June.14th, Tuesday, 7:30PM

Bungee Space: 13 Stanton St, New York, NY 10002


In Hair chat, Amiko Li translates writing into sound into image into experience into memory. Like unknotting the hair, the performance traces the history of Bungee Space back to the barber shop, wandering from hair cut and perceptions to hair’s fragile support and tangling of time.


               Rapunzel グリム名作劇場 (still), 日本アニメーション株式会社 1987

カルテット Quartet (still), TBS系「火曜ドラマ」2017
Passaggio (performance still), Amiko Li, Pararailing, Shanghai, China
""weaving"" (performance still), Amiko Li, Power Station of Art, Shanghai, China
Amiko Li (b. 1993, Shanghai) is a visual artist working in photography, text and installation. His works explore the paradox of intimacy and distance. Exhibition and projections include The Shed, New York; Abrons Arts Center, New York; Ulster Museum, Ireland; Thorvald Meyers 51, Norway; Flat Earth Film Festival, Iceland; UCCA Center for Contemporary Art, China; Power Station of Art, China.

This is Amiko Li’s first performance in New York.