FLEE PROJECT: Listening Session & Presentation by Olivier Duport | Apr. 21, 2023

Ochimbo Ja-Yon'Go is a record label active in Nairobi, Kenya in the 70s. Dr Collela Mazee (1954-2000) and the Victoria Jazz Band, among many others, dominated the country with Benga music over radio waves.
La tarantella refers to the southern Italian dance while the eponymous music proclaims itself as an Antidotum Tarantulae, an antidote to the bite of the tarantula.
Persian pearl divers alongside the capricious gulfs. Pearl fishing is the most colorful and publicized marine activity of the Persian Gulf.
Cemitério das Âncoras, anchor graveyard among the dunes of Tavira island, Portugal. It was built in remembrence of the glorious tradition of tuna fishing with large nets ("armações de atum") fixed with these anchors, a fishing technique already invented by the Phoenicians.


Join us on Friday, April, 21 for a special evening at Bungee Space. We will be hosting a special night with a listening session and presentation led by the Parisian independent platform for music and ideas FLEE Project's co-founder Olivier Duport, with their latest collective's works. 

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FLEE is an independent publishing house, record label and curatorial platform dedicated to the documentation and artistic reinterpretation of hybrid cultural phenomena. 

Defending a transdisciplinary practice, the platform explores and creatively highlights the contours of globalization from a historical and critical perspective. Oscillating between different subjects and disciplines, from music to architecture, the collective pursues an inclusive working method, privileging diverse and varied points of view.

001 BENGA MUSIC : A SIGNATURE GENRE FROM KENYA is a vibrant tribute to Kenya's musical signature genre Benga, investigating the future of East African music and avant-gardes in the limelight of digitalization of artistic practices. 002 TARANTISMO : ODYSSEY OF AN ITALIAN RITUAL is a tribute to Pizzica, antique music used to heal people suffering from a mysterious disease involving frenetic rhythms and maniac dancing through a trans-disciplinary and ambitious artistic approach.
003 NAHMA : A GULF POLYPHONY is the transmedia compilation that explores the histories that shaped the music of Persian pearl divers alongside the capricious gulfs they traversed. The pearls of the Gulf have stoked the imagination and desire of people around the world for centuries, their magnificence matched only by the courage of the valiant free-divers who found them. 004 LEVA LEVA : LITANY OF THE PORTUGUESE FISHERMEN is a transmedia compilation that documents the particular culture of the Portuguese coast. For most of the 20th century, Portugal's economy has relied on fishery and an exploitative canning industry arising from it. To endure their hardship and coordinate their work, fishermen sang.


Olivier Duport (Born in 1989 in Grenoble and working between Paris and Athens) is a French-Austrian photographer and producer with a focus on urbanism, architecture, and social questions surrounding music. He is the co-founder of creative platform FLEE where he works as the executive and art director, while exploring different geographies through photography. His photographs explore notions of change and nostalgia without conservatism and with a certain critical stance. With a true passion for sound and photography, he continues to combine both media showcasing his work at various renowned events such as Les Rencontres de la Photographie d'Arles or through the publication Fiat Lux, a catalogue of architectural oddities in southern Italy.