"fashion to suffer by" by fey fey WORLDWIDE

fashion to suffer by


A suffering Tragedy to celebrate the START-OVER of fey fey WORLDWIDE.

While the red drape opens, fey-fey sacrifices all her body and heart to the fabric of suffering.

"Fashion is such a drag, design is such a drag, sewing is such a drag, presentation is such a drag, models wearing it drag, selling it is the greatest drag of all. I want to give up, I wish the suffering would end. My destructive gene still calls me back towards it.

No more hesitation, this is a decision, this is gambling.

Since then, I decided to devote myself to the FASHION TO SUFFER BY."

-- fey fey

Sep, 2021 NYC

A collection to repel against the pressure that society places on what women should wear, “Slowly but Surely Take up Space” is serious about being unserious. Starting from understated everyday women’s clothes in familiar fabric, the garments inflate to just giant weird shapes. Being rude to those who are used to making “herself” small, it’s about “her” presence now.


fey fey (Yufei Liu) is a nomadic designer currently based in London. Her practice understands fashion as commercial, functional and wearable art, involving performance, story-telling, cultural critique and value generation. She insists for her work, even though it may look unusual, to be functional and easy to wear. Often addressing the interplay between body, symbol, metaphor and daily-life experience, fey-fey usually works with stereotyped fabrics to make seemingly unfashionable clothes but aims to offer the wearers the opportunity to experience ordinary things in a new light.


Fashion @60000u
Styling @ranxellesoria
Styling Assistant @cl__1999__

Art Direction @60000u
Production @blambsb
Casting @naj_li
Make up @thesinncity
Hair @kamkorderz
Shoe @ranxellesoria @marleymakesmagic @spiritguide__9
Set @blambsb @10.gu @audreyvuca
Lighting @deseosperdido @yisiiiiiiraoooooo
Photography @zimingqin
Music @codychu95
Talent @renshiv

Presented at Bungee Space by 3standardstoppage