Devils on Horseback, The Cookbook - A Global Etymology of Oddly Named Dishes | Nov 2 Thur 6PM

Poster designed by Shuyu Peng
Devils on Horseback is Long Prawn’s second cultural cookbook mixing research, photography and global foodstuffs. This edition examines the world of dishes that have terrific and inedible names, say Toad in Hole or Spotted Dick for example. A book which reminds us of the creative power of storytelling when it comes to food. Each page gallops through the canyon of food, history, folklore, photography, illustration, design and good humor.

On Thursday 2nd November, one half of Long Prawn will be reading some excerpts of the book while they feed you Devils on Horseback. Please join for some food chats, a snack and a drink. 


Devils on Horseback, The Cookbook: A Global Etymology of Oddly Named Dishes 

Hot snack and a cold reading 

Nov. 2 Thursday 6-8PM, at Bungee Space, 13 Stanton St, New York, NY 10002
Open to the public, WALK-IN welcomes.
Residual horse or devil halloween costumes will be welcome too. 
6-7PM: Free devils on horseback served.
6.30PM: A reading from Long Prawn
After 7PM: Q & A (~)


A global etymology of oddly named dishes.

From Pigs in a Blanket to Nun’s Farts this book pans its way across the world looking at how these dishes earned their names. Equal measures historical, visionary and surreal, the book depicts each recipe as their literal namesake, alongside the back-story and early recipes.

Illustrations: Cosmo Feltham
Design: NeverNow
Photography: Agnieszka ChabrosAlexander CogginBen Clement and Dani Pujalte
Writing: Long PrawnMark ChuDana QaddahPablo Britton
Copy Editor: Belle Place

Design: Never Now
City: Melbourne, Australia
Year: 2022
Pages: 100 p.
Dimensions: 14.3 x 19.7 cm
Cover: Soft cover (brown uncoated colorplan stock, red ink, inset cameo)
Binding: Perfect bound
Process: Offset printed
Color: Brown + red ink, 20 pages full colour


About the author/collective/publisher

Long Prawn has been said to feel like “Like having your tongue and brain spanked at the same time” — Sam Bompas, Bompas & Parr.

Long Prawn is an artistic food practice headed up by Frederick GM Mora and Lauren B Stephens that delivers rigorously researched food expertise and heavily seasoned event design. Food enveloped in community, props and performance; from buffet tables to nouveau-haute cuisine – responsive, rewarding and resourceful eating, ideas, books, events and workshops. Producing food events that thoughtfully and resourcefully respond to a theme, location and purpose. Thinking and cooking since 2015.


Extensive Reading:


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