BUFFFET BUFFFET, a solo exhibition by Alex Zeta


It is year 2622, and Bungee Space is sending this invitation to all the residents of New York City and the whole world: over 20 strange creatures have been found growing within this 10 sq. ft land inside Bungee Space. Some of them wear crocodile skins, or glimmering shell of insects, while some present the texture of ocean waves, or the sheen of snow. With no exception, they all grow flaming hair.

Dr S14 Stanton (beta 1.3) dives into the material analysis report — it was a Spanish Artist called Alex Zeta who created these futuristic immortal creatures in Amsterdam 600 years ago.

is a solo exhibition by Amsterdam-based Artist Alex Zeta,
curated by Bungee Space.
Aug. 27, Sat - Sep. 25, Sun, 2022
Opening: Aug. 27 8PM - late
Bungee Space, 13 Stanton St, New York, NY 10002



Bungee Space would like to invite you to be the First to explore, touch, and even own these creatures, starting at 8 PM on Aug. 27, Saturday. World famous Architect Yuki and Musician Casper will team up and join the celebration party providing deliciousness.

All of the artworks exhibited in BUFFFET BUFFFET can be purchased and taken home with you immediately during exhibition time.



Poster Design: Alex Zeta
Photographs: Shisi Huang