Book Signing: Ore 12 Circa by Fabrizio Amoroso | Bungee Project #2


Bungee Project #2

Book Signing:
Ore 12 Circa by Fabrizio Amoroso

October 16th (Saturday), 2021, 5-7PM

Fabrizio Amoroso (b. 1985) is an Italian photographer based in New York. His work has been published in several international magazines: Document Journal, Flaneur Magazine, Flaunt, Office.

Ore 12 Circa
Details Softcover with PVC dustjacket
Size 210 x 275 mm; Pages 192pp

Published by Veii
Veii is a not-for-profit publishing imprint established in Rome in 2020 by Valerio Di Lucente, Paolo Di Lucente and Fabrizio Amoroso.

Can reality be considered as something objective, independent from the viewer’s experience? In “Ore 12 Circa (Around Noon)” reality is shaped by the viewer itself, who participates in the creation of the world and builds its own representation of it. As a culmination of nine years of editing, the book begins with the interpretation of a collection of anonymous negatives that the editor found in a flea market in Paris in 2010.

Ore 12 Circa proposes one of the many visual narrations of the displayed images, leaving to the viewer the space to envision and shape himself the hidden reality that may have connected–or may have not–all of these stranger's lives.

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(Proof of vaccination and a photo ID will be requested at door)

Bungee Project is initiated and organized by Shisi Huang, the 1/3 of 3standardstoppage studio, who takes care of Bungee Space, NYC. As a subsidiary of 3standardstoppage, it is an annual experimental program that creates a self-sustaining ecology system by taking the role to further think, exploring and archiving the path of building variable intellectual constructs from the standard ruler.

Participants List & Programs of Bungee Project 2021 will be updated in a timely manner. Stay tuned!

Director: Shisi Huang
Visual Designer: Sixuan Tong
Assistant: Shuyu Peng
Translation: Eda Li
Sixuan Tong

Bungee Project 2021 is supported by the #City-ArtistCorps Grants program