Book Launch: A-Z, Vol. 1 by Hamish Pearch


We are very happy to have British Artist Hamish Pearch's new book A-Z, Vol. 1 launch at Bungee Space this Sat, May 13th, 6pm, co-host and published by Paris-based gallery and art space sans titre.

The book is a condensed collection of Pearch’s images and words. It gathers sketches, texts, lists, and accounts of all kinds, gleaned from Moleskine notebooks that the artist has been scribbling in on a daily basis since 2011.

The starting point of the sculptor's practice is the line, through which he develops his alphabet. This alphabet is pictorial and lexical. It spans diverse concepts, from the infinitely large to the infinitely small, from the world of magic to that of daily life. It is vast, open, full of humour as well as pathos, continually posing Questions (not answers).



Hamish Pearch (b. 1993, London, UK) earned his BFA from Camberwell College of Arts (UAL) in 2015 and received a Postgraduate Diploma from the Royal Academy Schools, London, 2019.

The artist reflects on the complex structures humanity occupies, exploring the materials, objects and spaces that make up our worlds. Through sculpture, installation, drawing and sound, his practice gives form to human experiences and systems that are mundane and magical in equal measure. Pearch’s sculptures mix, merge and remake forms to create objects of instability. Found objects, natural forms and commonplace materials are used alongside cast and modelled sculptures made from polymerised gypsum, resin, aluminium or bronze. In other cases, objects seem frozen on the brink of metamorphosis. These volatile objects present material and metaphorical meeting points, where everyday objects slip between states of reality and the unconscious.


 is a gallery based in Paris. It initially operated as a project space and after three years of a nomadic existence (2016 – 2019) and numerous atypical spaces occupied (private apartments, industrial spaces, parking lots, a shipyard, a few hotel rooms, restaurants, etc.), Sans titre moved into a permanent address and embraced the gallery model. It is now located 13, rue Michel Le Comte, a few steps from the Centre Pompidou, in a former Restoration-era bar, whose facade is registered as a Historic Monument. Throughout, Sans titre works to promote international artists in the early stages of their careers. Alongside organizing exhibitions in a multidisciplinary approach, the gallery publishes fanzines, produces edition and creates events related to the represented artists.

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