A1J Mask-Making Workshop & Pop–up | April. 28th, 2023

A1J Mask-Making Workshop & Pop–up

by Jewel Yang

April 28th 2023 Friday
2-5 PM 
Bungee Space, 13 Stanton St, New York, NY 10002


Jewel Yang is a multi-disciplinary artist exploring the intersection of art, technology, and culture. Drawing inspiration from her Kam heritage and the worlds of futurism and myth, Yang's work incorporates a range of mediums, including makeup, mask design, CGI visuals, and bio materials. Her pieces often blur the lines between traditional and digital media, inviting viewers to question their perceptions of reality and engage with the boundaries between the physical and the digital.


Central to Yang's practice is the use of bio-materials, which she sees as a means of exploring our relationships with the natural world and the technologies we create. Her bio-textiles, in particular, push the boundaries of what can be achieved with organic materials, fusing traditional textile techniques with cutting-edge scientific research.

By creating immersive, multi-sensory experiences, Yang aims to challenge conventional notions of what art can be and how it can be experienced. Her work seeks to inspire wonder, provoke critical thinking, and invite viewers to explore the complexities of our relationship with technology and the world around us.

This workshop is for everyone interested in craft and making art

Limited RSVP

The mask making workshop is led by Artist Jewel Yang, you will learn to paint, cut and assemble a facemask. The technique used in the process is inspired by traditional Chinese shadow play characters. It’s a perfect learning and meditating session through craft making. 

Materials provided: tracing paper, colored pencils, art precision cutting knives, split pins.

Please bring: a folder/binder to put the artwork in and take home afterwards.