2022* Magazine NY Launching

 A Belated* 2022 Magazine NY Launching

April 26, 2023 Wed
19h -
Bungee Space, 13 Stanton St, New York, NY 10002
The ultimate annual guide is finally out. It has been complicated but for the third time in a row we’re here again bringing you the 12 new editorials that will give you the keys for this past *2022. As the magazine is out late this year, we are presenting a new idea for putting everything together while still making sense. This is not a premonitory issue like the previous ones, but a compilation of ideas about what just happened. We asked our contributors to rethink the past year, *2022 and put it into new “issue tissue” packaging. This way, even if the year has gone, you can at least still use it to blow your nose or dry your tears



There’s a hole on top of the box to take out the pages one by one. But wait, you don’t want to ‘break it’ ? Don’t worry! You can also open the box from the side to discover the amazing content we prepared for this *2022. With super thin pages recreating a tissue, you will find yourself having so much fun with the new 137 images. Some of them are divided differently, try to place them together and create a bigger one! 



+ Special Extra Poster (real size)


*2022 is the issue 02 of the 2020 magazine series.

It is a guide for the year made from perceptions. 12 authors from different branches present their vision of the ideas, images and trends that have just happened. This time, an exercise on the most recent past from 12 different perspectives, one for each month. Every year, the magazine will be presented in a completely different way, adapting each publication to the moment we’re living in, covering a whole decade, from 2020 to 2029.