10x10 Salon at Bungee Space | Nov. 29 6:30 p.m.

Come share a glass of wine at a 10x10 Salon with two Magnum Foundation fellows and other enthusiasts in an informal atmosphere. BYOB drinks welcome!

Gabriella N. Báez, La gente deprimida tiene sexo sucio y ganas de morir (Raya Editorial, 2022)


Gabriella N. Báez explores the complex relationship between sex, depression and identity in La gente deprimida tiene sexo sucio y ganas de morir (Depressed People Have Dirty Sex and Want to Die) (Raya Editorial, 2022).

Esos que saben (Those Who Know) (Raya Editorial, 2022) is a collaboration between Oscar B. Castillo and Free Convict, a Hip Hop collective born inside a prison. Using a variety of materials the book chronicles how these young men persevere despite the odds against them.

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Oscar B. Castillo, Esos que saben (Raya Editorial, 2022)


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