Sam iz Dat: Independent Art Publishing by Chinese-speaking Creators

Poster Designed by Sixuan Tong

Independent publishing often embodies a subtle yet distinctive kind of noise in a homogeneous acoustic environment, simultaneously filtered out while facilitating and informing critical discussions. On February 16, The Watson Library at The Metropolitan Museum of Art had the pleasure to present a special event featuring Shisi Huang and Jiaoyang Li, co-organizers of Rehearsal Art Book Fair. Around 50 invited attendees had the unique opportunity to peruse a curated selection of independent art books from Chinese-speaking creators, acquired by The Watson Library during the book fair. The collection spans diverse topics, including collective memory, diaspora, criticism, feminism, queerness, subculture, technology, urbanism, community engagement, ethnic minorities, and more. This event provides a forum for the curious to converge and delve into diverse perspectives on Chinese-speaking creators’ expressions in and through book making.

Photos by Ruoyun Chen


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